This is your producer and one of the co-hosts for THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS, Josh. As many of you have noticed, we haven’t posted a new episode in about 3 weeks and I wanted let you know that we are definitely not pod fading like many other podcasts of the past. However, life’s a game and we have lost some of that game to time and circumstances.

The holidays are always difficult for gamers and families of gamers and right now time is difficult to find. So I am posing a challenge to our listeners out there. We want you to ESTABLiSH some of your own FACTS. Send us some YouTube links, comment on Facebook, comment in the Fear the Boot Forum, tweet @IndyTEF, or even hit up Google+ (+TheEstablishedFacts). The gap needs filled as we gather ourselves and re-position ourselves to bring you some great new content at the end of 2013 on in to 2014. Take to the airs and keep the FACTS coming. Who knows, we might even make a prize pack out of it, but only if we get enough participants.

The game may be tough right now, but it isn’t over.

Game on,

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