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 MEGA Con vs Small Con … vs Medium Con
Discussion Topic – Pros and Cons of Cons

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1 thought on “Episode 067 – Pros and Cons of Cons

  1. Not even finished with the episode but wow your view of con size is crazy. When I lived in Kansas City we had a “small con/gameday” a couple times a year at a guys house. In this case small is about 10 tables, perhaps 60 people. The medium size cons were the regional ones with several hundred people, probably a drive and a whole weekend at a hotel. Mega cons were anything with attendance in the thousands. The idea that, to you, a con with “only 49,000 people” is not a Mega Con and that San Diego ComiCon is also not a Mega Con seems absurd. That to you a con of “only a few hundred people” is a micro con. Obviously your con frame of reference runs much larger than mine.

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