THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS is glad to join many other podcasts in announcing the date for Indy PopCon 2015. We also had the opportunity to ask 3 questions that they so graciously answered. Enjoy!

The date for PopCon 2015 is June 2628 at the Indiana Convention Center.  All quotes can be attributed to Shawn Smith, Communications Director for PopCon.  Tomorrow at noon, PopCon will also be hosting an AMA on the official Indianapolis Reddit:
Quote for reason the date announcement was delayed:
“During the final stages of booking our 2015 show, we discovered that major logistical issues with the date and location would have resulted in additional expenses that we would have been forced to pass on to our fans.  It has always been our desire to make the show accessible to fans from all over the world, so we were not prepared to increase our ticket prices and instead we sought to find an alternative solution.  Thanks to some assistance from the staff at the Indiana Convention Center, we were able to work out the final pieces of the puzzle that will allow us to keep the show in the summer and keep our show as the most affordable, most accessible geek convention in the ICC.”
And your specific questions:
How well would you consider the gaming community to be represented at this year’s convention?
1)  We were excited about how much of the gaming community showed up last year, especially the video gaming community.  We loved seeing games created for our fans by our fans, and we hope to further extend our reach and support the indie gaming community even more this year.
What type of gaming events can we expect for next year’s con?
2)  You’ll see a lot of what you saw last year, but with a little more polish.  I can’t confirm anything brand new for you yet, but I can say for sure that we’re going to try to find ways to get people to play games on the main stage to really emphasize the gaming aspects of the show.
Physical or Digital Dice and why?
3)  Always physical.  You have to hold them a specific way to prevent botched rolls, of course!  I don’t know what that way is, because I botch all the time, but I’m sure I’ll master it eventually.

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