Discussion – GenCon 2015

On the Mics
Don Marter
Avital Guernsey
Josh Demaree
Kari Kelley
Deb Demaree
Lance Heinzelman
Derek Knutsen
Chris Kelley

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1 thought on “Episode 104 – Post GenCon 2015

  1. You guys are too kind.
    And Lance was right — the Mega Fiasco was hilarious, and glorious, and stupid, and had some magic moments, and was definitely not safe for human consumption. I felt bad for Bonnie especially, since her character was co-founder of that particular company.

    I REALLY wanted to be in another of Derek’s games, but didn’t realize how to make the ticketing thing work. Now that I know, I’m doing several things for my next Gen Con experience:

    1. Join one of Derek’s games.
    2. Run a few of my own in the QuintSystem RPG System.
    3. Run another Mega Fiasco.
    4. Play more demo games in the exhibitor’s hall.

    One more thing . . . The Angry GM wrote an article on how to successfully navigate Gen Con as a first timer. I found it very helpful.

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