Episode 098 – After the FACT – Fear the Con 8


After the FACT – Fear the Con 8
We apologize for the buzzes. Interfence from a cell phone on the portable recorder.

On the Mics
Don Marter
Bonnie Marter
Avital Guernsey
Josh Demaree

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Universal Storytelling System Revised
Fear the Charity
Fear the Con
Avital’s Poll for PopCon

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3 thoughts on “Episode 098 – After the FACT – Fear the Con 8

  1. Hey, guys. Thanks for the shout out! I had a blast — a BLAST! — playing with you all, and I was so stoked when I could see, in the weeks leading up to the convention, each of you signing up to play in the Mega Fiasco game.

    You can find the items I’ve created for the Fiasco roleplaying game at this link:
    Zach’s Fiasco Stash

    If you prefer websites that are difficult to navigate, you can find my Game Designer’s page on RPGGeek.com here:Zach W. Lorton on RPGGeek.com

  2. ******* **** **** ***** ******* ******** Josh Demaree!

    Kidding! I love ya buddy.

    Yeah, this was the best “Live at the Drury” show we’ve ever done.

    And again, Bonnie… I am so sorry.

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